March 25th, 2017

Amos' Southend, Charlotte, North Carolina



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    Beer Carnival

    What makes this a beer carnival? Imagine your best childhood memory at a carnival – and then add beer. In addition to our incredible craft brews, we’ve created a festive, magical atmosphere for you to enjoy.


    Allen Rockhouse

    A veteran DJ for fourteen years, Allen Rockhouse has bee working for years to master his skills. He now boasts one of the most distinctive scratching styles and a penchant for break-dancing during his sets.

    hooper photo

    Beer City Hoopers

    Their routines are hypnotizing – their moves are memorable. The Beer City Hoopers take hula hooping to a whole new level and will provide great eye candy as you enjoy your favorite beers.


    Belly Dancing

    Through their passion and love for their art, Satarah will captivate you and leave you wanting more. You have never seen bellydance quite like this before.


    Aerial Acrobatics

    What’s a carnival without acrobatics? That’s right, at All Ale to the Queen – Beer Carnival when you see people fly by you doing turns and trick in mid-air, it’s not the beer. We are bringing Charlotte’s best aerial acrobatic performers in to perform for you. It’s part of what makes this event “one of a kind.”.


    Charlotte Beer Girls

    What would a beer event in Charlotte by without our friends, the Charlotte Beer Girls? They’ll be there to “cheers” with you and compare notes on the awesome beer at the festival.


    Beer Carnival King & Queen Contest

    The brewers at this festival are “beer royalty” and they must have their King and Queen. Want to be the 2014 All Ale to the Queen – King or Queen? Come in your best royal gear and we’ll vote on the best costume. It’s like being chosen Prom King and Queen without the pimples.



    This energetic, highly technical juggling duo will amaze everyone